The ultimate guide to Ontario chip trucks (MAP)

Jun 23 2017, 9:45 pm

If the idea of a cross-country road trip stopping at only chip trucks and road-side French fry stands sounds like your idea of a fine time, you wouldn’t be the first.

The Fry Guys behind the Trans-Canada Fryway have made it their mission to rate every chip truck along the Trans-Canada Highway. And, they’ve already completed the Ontario leg of the trip, meeting locals and eating taters with Prime Minster Trudeau.

For the benefit of fellow fry-loving Ontario travellers, we’ve mapped out all the Trans-Canada Fry chip stops for you to follow along and try for yourselves.

When asked for their top recommendations in Ontario, the Fry Guys named Wes’ Chips in Arnprior, Mississaugi Fry Co. in Blind River, and Ye Olde Chip Truck in Kenora. 

The ultimate guide to chip trucks on the Trans-Canada Highway

Editor’s note: Chip stands in Ontario are a seasonal business and many only operate summer hours.

Claude Chip Wagon

Address:  1060 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa

Tommy’s Chip Wagon

Address: Wellington Street West and Holland Ave, Ottawa


Address:  660 Eagleson Road, Kanata

Wes’ Chips < TOP PICK

Address: 198 Madawaska Boulevard, Arnprior

Brian’s Spuds With Taste!

Address: 31 Staye Court Drive, Arnprior

Chip Pit

Address: 22 Pembroke Street, Cobden

The Shed

Address: 3476 Petawawa Boulevard, Petawawa
Phone: 613-687-4040

East Side Freddie’s Fries

Address: 31239 Hwy 17, Chalk River

Freddie’s Fresh Cut Fries

Address: Freddie’s Trading Post, 33861 Hwy.17 West, Deep River
Phone: 613-584-1115

Riverview Snack Bar

Address: 645 Valois Drive, Mattawa

Larry’s Chip Stand

Address: 230 Main Street, Sturgeon Falls
Phone: 705-753-2375

RIV Chip Stand

trans canada fryway

Trans-Canada Fryway

Address: 235 Main Street, Sturgeon Falls
Phone: 705-753-0260

Silver Bullet

Address: 593 Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury

Chute’s Confectionery

Address: 595 Imperial Street South, Massey
Phone: 705-865-2586

Lucky Snack Bar

Address: 93 Front Street, Spanish
Phone: 705-844-2573

Great Canadian Chip Truck

Address: Ironbridge Motel, 22171 Highway 17 West, Iron Bridge
Phone: 705-843-2115

Mississaugi Fry Company < TOP PICK

Address: 7 West Street, Blind River
Phone: 705-356-0846

Frenchies Fries

Address: Great Northern Road, Sault Ste. Marie
Phone: 705-575-2877

Twilight Taters

Address: Hwy 17 North, Montreal River Harbour
Phone: 705-882-2183

Krazy Fries

Address: 137 Mission Road, Wawa
Phone: 705-856-0050

Mona’s Chip Stand

Address: 92 Broadway Ave, Wawa, ON P0S 1K0, Canada
Phone: 705-856-0276

Mr. Fries & Much More!

Address: Elgin Street and Highway 17, White River
Phone: 807-822-2010

Station Three

Address: Mobile food truck (location may vary) owned by Station Two, 37 Pennisula Road
Phone: 807-229-8484

Shake Shoppe

Address: Hwy 11 17, Kakabeka Falls
Phone: 905-509-0090

B&G Chip Stand

Address: 325 Government Street, Dryden
Phone: 807-220-2840

The Chip Box

Address: 51 King Street, Dryden
Phone: 807-223-3115

Ye Olde Chip Truck < TOP PICK

Address: Market Square, 306 2nd Street, Kenora
Phone: 807-464-5159

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