This year’s Nuit Blanche has an interactive exhibit on drinking responsibly (PHOTOS)

Sep 29 2022, 8:00 pm

From Etobicoke to Scarborough, downtown to North York, Nuit Blanche is an overnight event that turns the entire city of Toronto into an art exhibit, with artists from around the world coming to showcase their best work.

Wanting to ensure the safety of all those involved over, Nuit Blanche has been put on pause for the past couple of years due to the pandemic. But, the city announced that this year it’ll be back, bigger, and better than ever.

While the city-wide art gallery evokes a certain party-hard instinct, people who want to get the full experience of Nuit Blanche should pace themselves throughout the night. This way, you’ll be able to make your way through the city with clarity, enjoy the moment, and create vivid memories you won’t forget.


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The whisky brand partnered with Chuck Anderson, a Chicago-based artist, designer, photographer, and creative director from NoPattern Studio, on the project, making this his Nuit Blanche debut — his work is titled Good Tonight, Good Tomorrow.

“The key word for this collaboration with Johnnie Walker is pace,” Anderson tells Daily Hive. “I set out to create a 12-hour sequence of beautiful, fluid, moving colour and texture that at once feels both full of energy and joy yet never becomes overwhelming or chaotic. It is constantly moving yet slow and steady, creating a unique backdrop full of colour and light for the audience at Nuit Blanche, a visual metaphor for the campaign’s goal of encouraging responsibility.”

As part of Diageo’s Society 2030 Spirit of Progress’s action plan, Johnnie Walker has doubled down on their continued efforts to promote responsible drinking and drink moderation at all consumer touch points. Keeping with their bold decisions that aim to drive progress and change, this installation will highlight the importance of drinking in moderation.

Portrait photo of Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson (Johnnie Walker)

“It has been a pleasure working with Chuck Anderson and the City of Toronto to create this magnificent, immersive experience that highlights the importance of drinking in moderation,” says Natalie Goldberg, senior brand manager of Whisky at Diageo Canada. “Johnnie Walker is a brand committed to progress and we believe it is important to help educate our consumers to make responsible choices. This partnership brings that message to life in a meaningful way.”

Johnnie Walker encourages people who drink its product to think about passing up that last drink if it means having a richer night and richer tomorrow.

Throughout his 19-year-long career, Anderson has used colour and light in innovative ways through still work but has recently begun experimenting with motion. This has allowed him to explore new possibilities and visions.

“I’ve always loved using colour and light in interesting, unexpected ways to evoke emotions in the viewer,” said Anderson. “Setting someone up to experience dark, moody tones, then shifting to vibrant, bright, and colourful plays such a visceral, creative game with the mind.”

The installation will be set right downtown at the intersection of Queen and Bay Street and will run from sunset on October 1 until sunrise on October 2.

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