New technology lets charities accept touchless donations

Dec 16 2020, 7:00 am

Most people don’t carry cash on them anymore. It’s just easier to use a card for purchases, and in this new normal of touchless interactions and social distancing, it’s also a safer way to pay for things. 

But this shift away from cash also means charities are suffering. You know those small cash and coin donation boxes you used to find at the checkout counter? They just don’t really exist anymore, taking away an important source of income from charities.

Canadian startup tiptap is determined to find the solution to this new problem. They recently announced the launch of their FrontFundr campaign, which will fund the production and distribution of their touchless giving devices for charities across North America.

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tiptap is the world’s smallest fixed-amount touchless payment receiver. For the device to start collecting donations, it simply needs to be turned on — there’s zero need to download or use any extra apps, devices, or WiFi. It’s just as easy as donating your extra small coins used to be, only you can do so with the simple tap of a card.

According to The Salvation Army Canada, the request for services in some locations across the country is five times greater than pre-pandemic levels. This is why tiptap began a partnership with The Salvation Army Canada, rolling out 1,500 of these new devices to be used with the iconic Christmas kettles this holiday season.

The technology also comes with a helpful reporting platform so charities can see where every dollar is coming from. This includes geo-tracking and real-time notifications about where people are giving and when.

tiptap (taken 2019)/FrontFundr

With this innovative idea, new technology, and proof in this partnership, investors have taken notice of the potential. Since November 24, tiptap has already raised nearly $4 million from over 100 investors. 

tiptap’s objective is to reach $10 million in funding, and they’re looking for individual investors to make that happen. Think of it as a chance to invest early in a piece of the future — and to help charities who are looking for a cash replacement solution. Investing just a little this holiday season — as low as $250 — means tiptap can get to a place where they can supply touchless giving devices to charities when they need it the most.


It’s the season of giving, and your investment can make a ripple effect that will arm charities with this new technology to collect and help as much as possible.

Every single cent counts, especially right now. The $10 million tiptap hopes to raise through their equity crowdfunding campaign will have a multiplying effect. Your investment will help tiptap get devices to the charities who need it most. 

If you have any extra giving spirit during these holidays, this is a great place to put it. 

Learn more and invest today via the FrontFundr campaign page.

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