Muskoka Brewery just made the perfect beer for adventure-seekers

Jun 22 2019, 12:22 am

Picture this: The weekend, you, your best friends. A long, satisfying hike. A tent set up by a serene lake in the middle of nature. Pure and utter bliss.

Got the image in your head?

Okay, now imagine cracking open an ice-cold, refreshing can of beer to end the long, sweaty day of adventuring. We honestly can’t think of anything better. Can we just fast forward and be there right now?

Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery has just released the perfect beer for adventurers, with a nod to the shimmering Muskoka lakes and endless shorelines. The Ebb & Flow is the perfect session sour for those long, lazy days by the lake, and it’s about to become your new favourite brew.

(Who knew that the perfect thirst-quencher is actually beer?)

Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery

It is the perfect drink for those who are on-the-go. And at just 2.4%, this game changer offers a low ABV while at the same time packing full flavour. That means you can get active, break a sweat, crack one open, and still go back to adventuring after!

And if beer isn’t always your first drink of choice, don’t make up your mind just yet. This one may just turn you over to the dark side (actually, the light side) with its citrusy and tart flavour up front and a light-bodied finish.

Muskoka Brewery Ebb & Flow

Muskoka Brewery’s Ebb & Flow is now available at The Beer Store, LCBO, Muskoka Brewery Tap Room, as well as select grocery stores. Visit to find out more.

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