Toronto entrepreneur launches new coffee company in secret during pandemic

Apr 21 2021, 12:26 pm

Entrepreneur Jeffrey Fenton has a passion for coffee.

The founder of Moment Coffee Co. recently launched his new Toronto-based company in secret with the goal of celebrating people’s traditions with coffee and to help them create new “moments” together, during, and after the pandemic.

“There’s simply no better time to reconnect with the community and provide an amazing beverage that will enable awesome moments, socially distanced for now,” said Fenton in an interview with Daily Hive. “Coffee is about moments. Social moments we share with loved ones, and intimate and reflective moments we have on our own.

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“It seems as if many amazing moments begin with great coffee, and this is what inspired my love of coffee in the first place.

Courtesy of Moment Coffee Co.

Fenton went to South America a few years ago to tour coffee farms and get a deeper understanding of how coffee is made. He came home inspired by what he saw.

“Of all the things that I learned, I was most blown away by the level of precision and detail that is involved in picking coffee cherries and roasting coffee beans,” said Fenton. “I think it’s a wonderful reminder of what it takes to make great things that people appreciate.”

The Toronto business owner and personal coach also used his experience in marketing and consulting to create the Moment Coffee Co. brand, which he explains is key to success.

“I love brands and businesses that can intimately impact someone’s experience and positively delight them. I think that what makes Moment truly unique is getting the fundamentals done well, and with a few personal touches along the way — the combination of fantastic coffee, beautiful packaging and branding, and obsessive detail given to the entire experience.”

“People sense care. People value detail given to their experience. What better way to transmit that than with a beverage we love each day and enjoy in a ritualistic sense? This is why I’m so excited to bring a coffee product to Toronto.”


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Moment Coffee Co.’s lineup includes a light roast (“Jony”), a medium roast (“Emma”), a dark roast (“Brian) and a decaf (“Arlene”). Each is made from ethically sourced beans from iconic coffee regions and roasted in Toronto.

To celebrate its launch, Moment Coffee Co. is offering free shipping to all coffee lovers in Canada.

“The response has been wonderful. We’ve just started and I’ve probably only sold about 40 bags, but when someone tells me they appreciate how the bag feels in their hand, or how much they liked the personal video I sent them or the easter egg under the bag, that’s what makes me smile. That’s what makes it worth it and that to me is what success is.”

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