Get FREE McDonald’s fries when the Raptors score big this season

Oct 18 2018, 10:31 pm

When it comes to winning something special in life, it’s always helpful to know the odds.

Let’s take the odds of seeing a shooting star, for example. If you’re stargazing on any given night, you can expect to see a shooting star every 10 to 15 minutes, according to the Astronomy Department at Cornell University.

We all love shooting stars, but if you’re wondering what the odds are of you winning something a little more down to Earth, we’ve got the answer for you: You’ll get a FREE medium fries at McDonald’s every time the Toronto Raptors score 12 or more three-pointers in a game this season.

And to show how likely that is to happen: The Raps pulled off that feat by hitting 14 (count ’em!) three-pointers in their season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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Last season, they hit the dozen three-pointer threshold in 43 games — that’s more than half of the games they played last year.

There are 82 games in a season, and the Raps hit 12 (or more) three-pointers in more than 50% of their games. So do the math: If the Raptors keep it up this year, you’ve got a lot of chances to win free McDonald’s fries.

Speaking of winning: We sat down with two of the Raptors (Danny Green and OG Anunoby) for a very serious interview, and they took their best shot at running the numbers to guess how often they’ll make it rain fries. Check it out here.

All you’ll need to secure your postgame fries is the My McD’s app (no purchase necessary).

Download the My McD’s app on the iTunes or Google Play stores now and psyche yourself up for the one-two punch of watching the Raptors make it to the NBA finals (this is our year!) while enjoying free fries to fuel your fandom.

Note: This offer is open to all fans in Ontario.

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