Logan Paul's PRIME sports drink reselling for WAY more on eBay

Jan 9 2023, 7:44 pm

Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul is in hot water lately over his CryptoZoo project failure, but it appears there is still high demand for his PRIME sports drink.

PRIME sports drink, which Paul started with fellow YouTuber KSI, launched in 2022.

Initially hitting the stores in the UK and USA, consumers lined up to buy the beverage. Demand was incredibly high, with all seven flavours on the website currently sold out.

It looks like sellers are looking to take advantage of the demand and have been reselling on sites like eBay at a huge markup. Flavours like Meta Moon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, and Ice Pop are going as high as $250 per bottle, especially when taking into factors like taxes and shipping.

NetVoucherCodes, a money-saving team based in the UK, looked at how much it costs to buy the different flavours from Canada, USA, and the UK and what some of the price increases looked like.

For comparison, the discount retailer Aldi stocked the drink for just £1.99, which is about $3.24 per bottle in Canada.

The site found that the priciest bottle costs a whopping $281. It was the PRIME sports drink’s Blue Raspberry flavour.

In some cases, shipping from the USA might even account for three times the price of the actual product, turning a marked-up case of 12 bottles for $40 into $120.

Prices are all over the place, so it seems like it just depends on how desperate you might be to finally try this drink, how much you crave it, and what your favourite flavour is. If it’s Blue Raspberry or the new Strawberry Watermelon (a 12-pack will be over $100 right now), you may need to fork out a pretty big wad of cash.

Paying $250 for a 12-pack of Meta Moon seems high to us but to each his own.


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