Someone live tweeted Pitbull, Sly Stallone at the Wealth Expo and it's hilarious

Apr 9 2018, 8:14 pm

It was a limited ticket event, and entry prices started at $149.

That’s right, The Real Estate Wealth Expo landed in Toronto over the weekend, an event that boasted “Self-made millionaires teach you how to make money.”

Of course, if you’ve ridden the TTC in the past month you’ve no doubt seen the ads for the Expo.

The North American event had a stacked line up of speakers to teach you all about things like how to flip properties. “Once you learn our system, it’s fast and easy. And we help you get the money to fund good deals,” states the Wealth Expo page.

The one-day event was also set to motivate you and others to “achieve life and career goals,” and to think like a millionaire: “In 1 day learn from 28 self-made millionaires and get your millionaire mind.”

And who better to speak of real estate and getting rich than Pitbull and Sylvester Stallone.

While many of us regret not being able to attend such a line up of speakers, one attendee took the hit for all of us and live tweeted the event’s ‘highlights’.

In a series of tweets, Sean Craig showed us all what we were missing by not being there.

The tweets have been shared and liked hundreds of times, and for good reason. It’s Pitbull and Sly being pure… motivational speakers.

It is logical… and so is, the economies of selling cocaine?

But he is a self-made rapper, he must be an expert on this topic of “wealth.”

Hmmm… still not following his thoughts. But then, he did what he does best.

“Pitbull, after explaining the concept of putting zeroes on the end of numbers (which in a monetary context he says is unimportant to life, perhaps Pitbull is inspired by philosophers like NYU’s Peter Unger or Princeton’s Peter Singer), tells us to have fun as his parting wisdom,” said Craig, before he continued to share Sly’s wisdom.

And Stallone obviously had a grand entrance.

But he is clearly wise.

Wait… what?

Is this getting weird yet?

He did end with the best advice for a Wealth Expo…

In case you really wanted to know what you missed, looks like it was mostly a Pitbull mini-concert.

So you know, “keep dancing, folks.”

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