Croissant cubes keep selling out at this small Toronto bakery

Apr 23 2021, 7:49 am

Cubed croissants — flaky and buttery just like a croissant is meant to be, but in the shape of a massive cube —  are a thing. Thanks to social media, a Toronto bakery has seen an “overwhelming demand” for the impressively shaped pastry.

Little Pebbles, located at Kensington Market’s 160 Baldwin Street, is the mastermind behind the “Croissant Cube,” which has caught a lot of people’s attention due to its abnormal shape, according to the shop.

The croissants are all made using European-style butter. If you are wondering how to eat it, go ahead and take a bite or cut it into slices.


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The bakery team issued a statement on its website, listing a set of rules limiting customers to one croissant per person to keep up with incoming orders.

“Since Mar 15, we had to limit the croissant cube to one per person/order due to overwhelming customer demand, and some customers were buying 8 or 12 pcs at a time, which means we are sold out of the croissant cube for the rest of the day,” read the post.

The statement goes on to say that the baking team is working tirelessly to make more as they are a three-person team.

“Please understand we are a small bakery with [a] three-person baking team, and this is the only way for us to deliver what we offer without compromising the quality”

cube croissants toronto

Little Pebbles

The bakery item has been on the menu for the past three years as part of their “secret menu,” shares Little Pebbles with Daily Hive.

“We actually have been making the croissant cube since 2018 as more of a secret menu – only making a handful a day for our regulars, but it somehow blew up in social media last month and this month, and it’s been crazy busy since then,” said the team in an email.

TikToker Mamamaxinee shared the 3-D pastry after making a stop at Little Pebbles, garnering 1.5 million likes and a lot of eyes on the goods.

@mamamaxineeFrom Little pebbles in Toronto! Trying them all on my YT channel 🤩 #cubecroissant #littlepebbles #fyp♬ original sound – Mamamaxinee

Croissant Cubes are available to order on the website for $9. As the team works hard to bake more croissant cubes, customers are asked to pre-order their pastry 48 hours ahead of time.

Available pick-up times are from Wednesday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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