5 life skills you can upgrade at home during your downtime

Aug 4 2020, 8:00 am

A lot of us have been spending more time at home recently, and what we choose to do with that downtime is different for everyone.

For some people, this is an opportunity for much-needed relaxation or more time spent connecting with family. For others, it can mean learning a new language or getting started on their side hustle.

If you’re finding yourself with more time at home recently and want some inspiration on how you can be spending it, now can be a great time to brush up on those life skills you want to learn or improve on.

This may include finally learning about how to invest, cooking a roast that’ll impress your friends, and fixing the hem on those jeans you’ve had sitting there for months years.

Sure, learning these things might take some discipline, but once you get these essential skills down, you’ll have them for life. You might even discover a new hobby of growing your own basil along the way.

Up your cooking game

As soon as you’re off into the real world, cooking is something that everyone at least tries to master. But depending on how passionate you are about learning the difference between sautĂ©ing and simmering, cooking doesn’t always come naturally.

Having some extra downtime is a great excuse to up your game in the kitchen. Whether your goal is to come out of quarantine having learned how to cook a bolognese; watch more YouTube tutorials on how to julienne carrots; or buy some solid utensils that’ll amp up your stir fry, taking this time to enhance your kitchen skills is bound to impress your roommates (and your friends when they can finally come and visit).

Finally learning about investing

Let’s admit it: self-directed investing is something that most of us are interested in learning more about, but it can be super intimidating to get started, especially if you’re someone who thinks they don’t have enough savings.

The TD Direct Investing Learning Centre aims to take away the intimidation factor of online investing by offering educational resources in everyday language that you may find easier to understand. It can be a great tool for Canadians who are just getting started on their self-directed investing journey.

You’ll find daily live, interactive masterclasses from industry professionals and curated video and learning tools that offer straightforward explanations. From investing basics to advanced techniques, every level of investing is covered. And it’s made available exclusively for TD Direct Investing clients.

Self-directed investing has risks, so before getting started, it’s important to develop a solid understanding of different investment tools and how you’ll manage the risks you’re willing and unwilling to take to target your goals.

Fix that hole in your jeans

We all know how frustrating it is when you have a nice pair of jeans or socks that get a hole or a rip in them — only to be even more frustrated when we realize we have no idea how to fix it.

If you’re looking to get more comfortable with a needle and thread over quarantine — maybe it’s through mending socks, or by learning how to knit a scarf — there are plenty of online resources that can walk you through step by step.

Get renovating

Speaking of mending, being handy doesn’t have to just mean fixing holes in jeans. If there are lightbulbs in your house that need replacing or big reno projects — like painting a living room feature wall — that you’ve been putting off, now can be a great time to get them done!

Taking matters into your own hands around the house can require a bit of research, so make sure you scroll through a few videos and articles online before you start banging a hole through a wall. Your roommate and neighbour will thank you later.

Grow something

Always wanted to grow some vegetables or herbs, but never knew exactly how? Summer is officially here, which means now can be a great moment to get in touch with your green thumb.

As above, make sure you do your research; plants need a lot of different care and attention. Consider hitting up your local gardening store for some brand new bulbs and herbs and get working on your dream garden. Even if it just means getting to the autumn with a single basil plant intact, it’s the small wins that matter.

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