Leafs' announcer Joe Bowen said remote broadcast led to flubbed OT goal call

Apr 30 2023, 8:25 pm

It might’ve been one of the biggest calls of his career for Toronto Maple Leafs radio announcer Joe Bowen, but it’s probably one he’ll want to get back.

During last night’s Game 6 overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning, Bowen was full of his typical emotion with the winning goal that sent Toronto through to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in 19 years.

“They score! They score! Holy Mackinaw, they score! Morgan Rielly! Mo, Mo, Mo Rielly! The Leafs have won it! They’re going to the second round!” Bowen announced excitedly last night.

Unfortunately for Bowen, the winning goal scorer was actually Toronto captain John Tavares.

“Joe, it may not be Rielly. It may have gone off the foot of [Lightning defenceman] Darren Raddysh. Tavares threw it to the net. I think John Tavares is going to get credit for the goal. And at this point, who cares?” colour commentator Jim Ralph added.

“Who cares?” Bowen retorted back to Ralph.

Today, Bowen took to Twitter to explain that due to his broadcasts being remote, a cost-cutting measure invoked over the past three seasons for road radio broadcasts on both Sportsnet and TSN.

“When the TV shot doesn’t show the Tavares celebration until well after the fact, it’s rather difficult to make the call off the TV monitor. By the initial celebration, it appeared Morgan Reilly [sic] had scored. My bad!” Bowen replied to a fan who criticized him for missing the call.

“You are a true pro,” Raptors broadcaster Matt Devlin replied. “Very difficult situation to call a game off a monitor because you can only go by what the feed is showing. Just know that’s not on you. The call was amazing!”

The Leafs await the winner of the Boston Bruins — Florida Panthers series, which will be settled following a 6:30 ET Game 7 puck drop on Sunday evening.

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