Toronto LCBO employees test positive for COVID-19

Dec 28 2020, 1:25 pm

Two LCBO employees in Toronto and the GTA have reported testing positive for COVID-19 over the past few days.

According to the LCBO, on December 22, an employee at 1090 The Queensway tested positive for COVID-19. They had last worked in-store on December 18.

Several days later on December 28, another LCBO employee, this time at a 2300 Yonge Street location, reported an employee testing positive for the virus. They had last worked on December 14.

“This general notice is being provided out of transparency. Should we receive any Public Health direction or guidance, we will act immediately and accordingly,” the LCBO said in a release.

“The LCBO has several measures to keep employees and customers safe, including regular cleaning and sanitization, and in-store measures that promote physical distancing.”

The liquor board also reduced its in-store shopping capacities to 25% due to the recent provincial lockdown. Customer returns will also be paused throughout the shutdown.

“We remain committed to meeting or exceeding public health guidance and will continue to operate as efficiently as we can within the space required for our staff to work, and our customers to shop, safely,” said the LCBO.