We asked Ryerson students to give us the inside scoop on yummy eats around campus

Sep 3 2021, 4:18 pm

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One of the things we love about Toronto is the city’s always-evolving food scene, with something to suit every taste preference and budget.

Whether it’s a coffee (and a freshly baked pastry) to go or a sit-down meal you’re after, there’s sure to be cafes and restaurants nearby with menu items to match your cravings. But have you ever considered the many foodie destinations located near Ryerson University?

To shine a light on the delicious foods available in and around Ryerson ahead of the return to campus this fall, we asked Ryerson students to share their top-rated must-eats. Here’s what they said and why each appetizing item is worth trying.

Hummus plates and wraps at The Hummussiah

Located on Bond Street at Dundas Square, The Hummussiah has a reputation for dishing up mouth-watering Middle Eastern fare (think shakshuka, salad bowls, and sabich) in a low-key, relaxed setting.

Also known as Toronto’s hummus experts, the team behind the eatery (two childhood friends with a shared love for hummus) uses fresh, local ingredients to create irresistibly authentic hummus dishes.

One student who attended Ryerson in 2020, while restrictions were in place, tells Daily Hive she didn’t get to eat out much around campus. However, the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, says The Hummussiah has “good hummus plates and wraps.”

Pad Thai from Salad King

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Yonge Street’s Thai restaurant Salad King has been a fixture on Toronto’s food scene since 1981. The eatery has a menu filled with dishes fit for royalty, including not only salads but noodles and curries, too — all with a choice of spice levels.

First-year Master of Business Administration student at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Katryna Klepacki, says Salad King is the best “sit-down near campus” across from the student learning centre, which serves her favourite “pad Thai.”

She adds, “It’s a great value, location, and food! They also have a second location on Queen.”

Kofta wrap at Silk Road Kabob House

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On Bay Street, a short eight-minute walk from Ryerson is Silk Road Kabob House. Known for its savoury Afghan classics, like kabobs and salads, chefs at the restaurant prepare authentic food using what their website cites as “only the finest ingredients.”

Klepacki, together with her classmates, says Silk Road’s kofta “grilled fresh on [the] spot over [an] open flame [in] authentic Afghan-style” is like nothing else near campus. She says the kofta wrap has “an unmatched flavour.”

Whether you’re ordering the wrap to try it for yourself or perhaps a Silk Road salad, you can use contactless Interac Debit to pay in-store.

Burritos from Burrito Boyz


Founded in the Greater Toronto Area in 2004, Burrito Boyz has four locations in the city on College Street, Adelaide Street, Queen Street West, and by Ryerson University at 74 Dundas Street East.

Being in the “central part of downtown” is one of the things Klepacki says she loves about being a Ryerson student, and she recommends Burrito Boyz for the delicious, fresh ingredients used in their dishes. Students and locals alike can get burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, extreme fries, and more made in-store and customized to their liking.  

“They make the burritos in front of you, and the staff is always so friendly and fun,” notes Klepacki.

Sushi at Spring Sushi


Nestled in Toronto’s bustling business district on Dundas Street East, Spring Sushi is literally a three-minute walk from the Ryerson campus — could it be any more convenient?

On the menu, foodies will find authentic Japanese fare, including sashimi, classic sushi rolls, and Teppanyaki, in addition to tempura, salads, and also Thai cuisine dishes. Did you know this spot has an all-you-can-eat menu?  

It’s the “best sushi by campus,” according to Klepacki and her classmates. While it’s typically “always busy,” she says it’s a “great place to hang out in between classes and eat good sushi for a good price.”

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