7 of the craziest new ice cream flavours to try in Toronto

Jul 14 2016, 2:15 am

Gone are the days of boring ice cream scoops in Toronto.

This city is pushing the flavour envelope on frozen dessert so far that some of the newest bizarre creations are almost unrecognizable. Though they’re definitely still edible.

If you haven’t noticed the newest ice cream trends you’ve either never been outside or never logged into Instagram. Either way, here are some of the best (read: craziest) new cones and cups you have to try in Toronto.

Cookie Monster – Fugo Desserts

Bringing back all the Sesame Street induced cookie cravings from childhood, Cookie Monster is the perfect way to get your daily quota of blue food colouring.

Address: 205 Dundas Street West

Phone: 647-348-3846

Krusty the Cone – Sweet Jesus

Heavenly goodness. #sweetjesus #sweetjesus4life #krustythecone

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You know when the Globe and Mail‘s food critic Chris Nuttall-Smith scathingly describes Sweet Jesus like “a medical exhibit from the lost causes cabinet of a journeyman Victorian-era surgeon” — you’re going.

Address: 106 John Street

Phone: 647-348-1166

Twitter: @sweetjesus4life

Taro with a Twist – Arctic Bites


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Toronto is welcoming Thai ice cream with just as much vigour as it welcomes Thai everything else. Except this isn’t just taro-flavoured ice cream, it’s also rolled into little scrolls first. Adorable.

Address: 21 Baldwin Street

Phone: 647-347-2818

Twitter: @arcticbites_

Ice cream tacos – Booyah

No better way to beat the heat wave ☀️😅

A photo posted by Booyah Inc (@booyahinc) on

Let’s face it, cones are sooo 2014. Ice cream tacos, that’s where it’s at. It’s like a way sexier version of an ice cream sandwich: easy to hold, but you don’t look like you’re 4. Or maybe you do. Whatever.

Address: 16 Vaughan Road

Phone: 647-347-2001

Twitter: @BooyahInc

Apple Rumble – Junked Food

The only possible rival to an ice cream taco? An ice cream donut, of course. Whatever way we can invent to pack more sugar into less space, bring it on. In fact, just fill that bowl with sugar and give me a spoon.

Address: 1256 Dundas Street West

Phone: 647-343-5326

Twitter: @junkedfoodco

Chocolate, crisp cricket and mealworm – Death in Venice

As if it couldn’t get more insane, Death in Venice takes the cake (cone?). Apparently mole gelato wasn’t enough—this flavour needed pecan-pumpkin seed crumble, radish seedlings (yes, you read that right) and a healthy sprinkling of crunchy crickets and mealworms. Yup.

Address: 536 Queen Street West

Phone: 416-301-2859

Horchata con Tuna – Seven Lives Paleteria

Before you run off in horror (sorry if you have already), this one doesn’t actually have tuna in it. Phew. It’s tequila-infused prickly pear sorbet in horchata, topped with walnuts. A perfect ending scoop for your 7-scoop ice cream hop. We’re kidding, please don’t do that.

Address: 72 Kensington Avenue
Twitter: @SevenLivesTO

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