Highway 407 releases video footage of plane's emergency landing

Oct 27 2021, 7:57 pm

The Highway 407 has released CCTV footage of a dramatic emergency landing that took place in the eastbound lanes on Wednesday.

The plane suffered from mechanical issues shortly after taking off from Buttonville Airport. The pilot landed the plane in the eastbound lanes of the 407 near Woodbine Avenue.

The video released by Highway 407 shows the small plane coming in from the top left-hand corner near the date stamp. There was very little traffic on the highway, so it made for a clear landing.

“Something you don’t see very often[…]We got an airplane on the ground here,” an OPP officer said in a video posted to their Twitter.

The officer said that the plane suffered from engine failure shortly after takeoff. The pilot was able to complete the emergency landing without causing any damage. It had recently undergone routine maintenance.

“No damage to the airplane, no injuries to anybody in the airplane, or on the ground, nor other vehicles involved,” said the OPP officer.

The officer added that the plane would have to be floated back to Buttonville Airport.

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