This indestructible umbrella will never flip inside out

Apr 29 2019, 6:45 pm

Picture this: You’re walking down Yonge on your way home from work when suddenly, the rain starts to pour. Luckily, you brought your umbrella with you. Things could be worse.

But then, a huge gust of wind comes out of nowhere and¬†flips your umbrella inside out like something out of a cartoon.¬†Now, not only are you fumbling around like a trash panda while you try to turn your umbrella the right way around, but you’re also getting drenched in the process. In front of everyone. Things officially got worse.

Whether you’ve lived this (we’re sorry) yourself or just live in constant fear of it happening to you one day, we’ve got some good news for you: Those days are¬†over,¬†thanks to a revolutionary umbrella created by Vancouver-based duo Cahay Ho and Kevin Truong (so you¬†know they’re experts when it comes to rain).

The Hedgehog Umbrella, created in Vancouver and now based out of Toronto, is poised to be your new best friend during the rainy seasons.

Hedgehog Umbrella

Quality build

The Hedgehog Umbrella is designed using automotive designed principles, created by automotive engineers that went from building cars to building umbrellas. The umbrella is constructed fully from carbon fibre and stainless steel to create an unprecedented weight to strength ratio ever for an umbrella.

WindFlex suspension system

This patent-pending mechanism allows each rib to pivot and adjusts itself against incoming winds. The team behind the Hedgehog Umbrella have tested this to over 70 mph wind speeds to ensure its strength.

At high winds, the suspension system increases flexibility to the canopy structure while maintaining its shape. This extra degree of flexibility prevents the canopy from flipping inside out even against the strongest of winds.

This innovation makes the Hedgehog Umbrella the first and only umbrella with a wind resistant suspension system.

Fully-interchangeable canopy

Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it has to be out of style! With a fully-interchangeable canopy, you can swap between colours, patterns, and designs super easily.

Hedgehog Umbrella

The best part is, it has a global lifetime warranty and is designed to fold up compact enough to fit right in your purse or bag!

Say goodbye (and good riddance) to arriving to work in a terrible mood after being drenched by the rain. Those days are long over! For a limited time, Daily Hive readers can get 20% off a Hedgehog Umbrella online with the discount code DAILYHIVE.

For more information, or to get your Hedgehog Umbrella, they are available in-store at Simply Beautiful at 2739 Dundas St W, or online via their website.

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