Why this dating app could actually work best for Canadians

Jul 19 2018, 1:15 am

It’s easy to feel like you’re getting nowhere when it comes to dating in Toronto.

You start to wonder whether it’s your approach, the places you shop, the bars you go to, or the fact that JetFuel is the only coffee shop you’ll visit for an afternoon latte. But have you ever considered that you’ve been in the right place all along?

(We’re going somewhere with this, just stick with us.)

The soon-to-be love of your life could have the same work commute as you, and now there’s a way to see if you have more in common than proximity. You don’t need to wait for Cupid to shoot down an arrow from the sky, you just have to download an app: Happn.

It lets you find the people you’ve crossed paths with in everyday life, at all your favourite spots. This is what sets Happn apart from other dating apps in Toronto: It’s the only one that brings real life and dating together.

How Happn could change your dating life


When you cross paths with another Happn member in real life, their profile shows up on your timeline, every time. If you like them, you can hit the “heart” button and they will never know unless they heart you back. If this happens, either of you can then easily start a conversation (and bond over the place where you buy your groceries).

You don’t have to worry about connecting with someone who lives in another city or country (or, like, Milton) because the people you crush (pair) with on the app, actually live in your area. This means you can say goodbye to the idea of long distance, and hello to your new love interest.

And although the app tells you where you crossed paths with your potential new love interest, nobody can see where you are at exactly any time, so you don’t have to worry about stalkers creeping on you.

There are no fake accounts or catfishing on Happn, and nobody can contact you unless you’ve already pressed the “heart” button on their profile. This means you’ll be chatting to a real human being, in Toronto.

If you opt for Happn Premium, you can even say “hi” to the person you’ve crossed paths with, right after you do.

Instead of wasting your time going on dates with people that you have absolutely nothing in common with, you can vibe with people who actually like going to the same places in Toronto and doing the same things that you do, thanks to Happn.

Download Happn via the iTunes Store or Google Play Store and get ready to meet your new favourite person.

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