New program offers free grocery delivery to medical workers across Canada

Apr 8 2020, 5:31 pm

While medical professionals across the country are working on the front lines, food delivery isn’t always accessible.

Grocery delivery services are being overloaded, and those who are caring for patients don’t have the ability to place a quick order in another browser tab while on the job.

To support those on the front lines, GroceryHero has launched across the nation, offering free grocery delivery to medical professionals.

The service matches volunteers across Canada with medical staff in their neighbourhood to arrange grocery delivery at no charge.

The brainchild of Matthew Lombardi and four friends, the program was developed after the group learned hospital workers were struggling to arrange groceries for themselves due to oversubscribed delivery services.

While ordering was a struggle, there was also the concern of medical workers actually visiting stores, and exposing the public in ways they shouldn’t.

Connecting frontline workers with volunteers who shop safely and offer delivery, GroceryHero responded to needs that simply weren’t being addressed before, on a national scale.

The matching service is made entirely with free Google tools. Using a Google form, volunteers and frontline workers input details that are aggregated into a Google Sheets; the GroceryHero team then matches people together by postal code.


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To get involved as a volunteer or sign up as a medical worker seeking a match, you can visit the program’s website.

Only one week has passed since the program’s launch, and already, over 2,500 have signed up and more than 300 matches have been made.

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