Why choosing between grad school and your current career can be daunting

Aug 20 2018, 5:45 pm

Grad school or job experience?

Choosing between the two is a dilemma that many people face. And when you find a job after your undergraduate degree, the decision to pursue further education can become even harder.

Applying to a grad school is something that requires a lot of consideration, and it could help you achieve your career goals (plus the salary you’ve been dreaming about). So why is it often difficult to choose between this and your current career?

Here are a few reasons why it feels like the hardest choice you’ve ever made (but we promise you, it’s a choice worth making).


It’s easy to get settled into a career and the pay that goes along with it. This makes the fear of living without your usual salary terrifying. But studying for a Master’s or PhD doesn’t mean you have to give up your current earnings. You could study in the evenings after work, or take online courses and complete the program in your spare time, and around your schedule.


“But if I don’t have experience, how will I get another job?” This is the tricky part. Employers do want to see that you have practical experience, and they also want to see that your credentials are suitable for the position that you’re applying for.

It’s good to remember that a lot of Master’s degrees have integrated work experience programs, many of which are overseas. This would allow you to study, travel, and work towards new qualifications at the same time. And you could even get an amazing job offer before you even graduate.


The initial thoughts of studying for year or two when you’re in a full-time job is something that could hold you back from going to grad school. However, there are part-time program options available, and since you’ll be working in your dream job for the rest of your life, a year or two is not a huge amount of time to sacrifice.


Going back to school can be a costly affair and one that prevents many from even considering the idea. But what about scholarships? You could be eligible for one and you can apply to a pool of scholarships, worth $7 million USD, when you attend the QS World Grad School Tour at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on September 18.

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