Gouda news: This new channel is like Netflix for cheese-lovers

Aug 21 2018, 5:22 pm

You already know that cheese is addictive — but what about a channel created exclusively for the stuff? We’re about to go crackers over here.

That’s right folks: Bothwell Cheese just launched The Cheese Channel, an online video channel dedicated entirely to the nation’s favourite dairy product. Whether your heart beats faster for a sharp cheddar or a bag of squeaky curds, follow it over to the only place on the internet that’s creating shows good enough to make your mouth water.

Delicious visuals aside, the launch of this new channel is also perfectly timed with the release of Bothwell Cheese’s latest and greatest innovation: the first Non-GMO Project Verified Cheddars produced in Canada. The milk that goes into these cheeses is produced by Manitoba cows that are fed only non-GMO crops — ensuring a naturally delicious flavour experience.

With the launch of The Cheese Channel, Bothwell Cheese is breaking into the world of video. Here’s a peek at the cheesy content that will increase your cheese knowledge (and expand your cheese choices) faster than you can say “parmigiano reggiano.”

Beyond the Cheddar

Beyond the Cheddar/The Cheese Channel

Follow the funny adventures of Dr. Mabel Walters, chief cheese scientist, and Matty the “self-proclaimed marketing guy,” two Bothwell Cheese employees who get along because of their mutual love of cheese. Watch their (mis)adventures as they try to educate fellow Canadians on Non-GMO Cheddar through drastic measures like literally sending it “out of this world.” Are they able to make cheese history? You’ll have to watch the four-part series to find out.

The Cheese Collector

The Cheese Collector/The Cheese Channel

When watching this comedic series, it’s obvious that Harry Flannigan’s dreams are made of cheese. A proud Manitoban, Harry has been collecting cheese from important moments in Canadian history — and the addition of Bothwell’s Non-GMO Cheddar to his collection might just top his list. Tune in to The Cheese Collector to learn more about Canada’s past, culinary and otherwise.

Slow Cheese

Slow Cheese/The Cheese Channel

Slow Cheese is exactly what it sounds like: mouth-watering short films of cheese shot in slow-motion. Episode 1 features Bothwell Cheese being placed between two buttery pieces of bread, melted, and pulled apart right before your eyes. Is your mouth watering yet? We bet — after all, there’s a reason why every pizza commercial shows cheese melting and separating from the pie in ultra-steamy slow motion.

The All Cheese Diet

The All Cheese Diet/The Cheese Channel

What happens when you go on an all-cheese diet? You cheddar few pounds. That’s what Chaz, the star of the show, is all about: a healthy balance of cheese, cheese, and more cheese. With the release of Bothwell Cheese’s Non-GMO Cheddar, Chaz’s All Cheese Diet (paired with five-pound cheddar blocked dumbbells and “savoury lunges”) has more variety than ever before. Only one episode has been released so far, so keep watching for more cheesy testimonials from followers of this unusual dietary regimen.

Bothwell Cheese is doing us cheese lovers a real solid. They’ve been serving us up with mouth-watering Canadian cheese choices (like maple smoked, red wine, and horseradish cheddar) for over 80 years —and now with the addition of their Non-GMO Cheddars, we have even more choice about how we consume cheese. Plus, there’s now an entire channel dedicated to the stuff.

Hungry for more? Check out The Cheese Channel today.

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