You can eat fried chicken sandwiched between a glorious doughnut this weekend

Jan 18 2019, 3:24 am

Fried. Chicken. Doughnut. Sandwich.

It’s a thing. And it’s happening this weekend.

And this delight is not going to be made with just any fried chicken. Oh no.

It’s going to be made with juicy, succulent poultry thighs from PG Clucks, home to perhaps the sexiest fried chicken sammy in all the land.

And holding this crispy crunch in its warm embrace will not be just any doughnut. Oh no.

The buns of this sandwich will be none other than a fluffy doughnut from Glory Hole, coated in spicy vanilla glaze.

Feast your eyes.


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This baby isn’t going to be available to the average Joe.

Sorry, Joe.

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If you want a bite of this beast, you need to pre-order and pre-pay by 6 pm today. Yeah, yeah, we know. But look at it.

You have two choices: call or email Glory Hole and let them know you’re in; they’ll be serving from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Or, visit PG Clucks’ website and place your order there. They’ll be serving at their College Street location from 12 pm to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

What are you waiting for?

Glory Hole x PG Clucks

Where: Glory Hole Doughnuts – 1596 Queen Street West; PG Clucks – 610 College Street
How: Email or call Glory Hole at 647-352-4848; visit PG Clucks’ website

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