A full "Strawberry Moon" is set to rise over Toronto tonight

Jun 5 2020, 7:04 pm

If you’re outside tonight, don’t forget to look up, as a full “Strawberry Moon” is set to rise over Toronto skies.

According to NASA, the moon will be close enough to opposite the Sun that it will pass through part of the partial shadow of the Earth, in what is called a partial penumbral eclipse of the Moon.

However, “the slight dimming during this eclipse will not be noticeable without instrumentation,” the agency said.

And for those in North America, the penumbral lunar eclipse won’t be visible because the moon becomes full during daylight hours when it’s below the horizon.

Instead, the full Strawberry Moon will be visible, and will stay that way into the early-morning hours on Sunday.

It’s lucky that the moon will be in this state for several hours because, unfortunately, according to The Weather Network, Toronto’s skies are expected to be partly cloudy tonight, with a risk of a thunderstorm at around 11 pm.

But if those clouds part at the right time, and you’re looking up, you’ll catch a gorgeous sight.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, the Strawberry Moon takes its name from the Algonquin tribes, who gave it the name due to the fact it appeared around the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries in the northeastern United States.

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