Where to eat the best bowls of French onion soup in Toronto

Nov 17 2016, 11:56 pm

French onion soup is one of those old school favourites that starts to beckon when the cold weather sets in.

The bowl of typically beefy broth laden with deeply caramelized onions is a show-stopper the second it lands on the table thanks to quintessential garnishes; a bubbly layer of browned cheese and a nubbin of bread to soak up all the rich stock.

French onion soup is among the ultimate cheesy comfort foods. Here’s where to find the best bowls in Toronto.

Le Select Bistro

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Soupe a l’oignon gratinée skips the gruyere in lieu of raw-milk Emmentaler in at this cozy French restaurant in the King and Spadina area.

Address: 432 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-596-6405


This Parisian cafe at the Thompson Hotel fortifies its onion soup with a splash of sherry. Sourdough topped with layer of gooey, broiled gruyere and crispy onions will satisfy the classic craving and exceed expectations.

Address: 550 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-348-7000
Instagram: @colettetoronto


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It’s not a menu staple, but when the menu calls for it, you’ll find F.O.S. featured as the soup du jour. This recent beauty featured rich broth encased in puff pastry and gruyere.

Address: 744 Gerrard Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-462-9965
Instagram: @batifolegourmand

Barberian’s Steakhouse

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The iconic Toronto steakhouse is beloved for its lavish service, luxe menu and old school decor. The French onion soup fits right in.
Address: 7 Elm St, Toronto
Phone: 416-597-0335
Instagram: @barberianssteakhouse


Cluny Bistro

On the menu at this Distillery District brasserie, French onion soup is simply listed on the menu as ‘Melted Gruyère’. That’s the best part anyway isn’t it?

Address: 35 Tank House Lane, Toronto
Phone: 416-203-2632
Instagram: @clunydistillery

La Société

The posh bistro in Yorkville stays true to tradition serving up crispy crostini submerged in deep bowls of onion-y beef broth and blanketed in melted gruyère.

Address: 131 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-551-9929
Instagram: @lasocieteto

Bar Begonia

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At Chef Anthony Rose’s French snack bar on Dupont, rich and savoury French onion soup is crowned with a bubbling layer of au gratin.

Address: 252 Dupont Street, Toronto
Phone: 647352-3337
Instagram: @barbegonia

Doug’s Public Kitchen

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This vegan version of French onion soup starts with a rich, slow-simmered broth comprising caramelized onions, thyme and garlic. Grilled sour dough crouton and browned cashew mozzarella finish it off for the full effect.

Address: 561 Marlee Ave, North York
Phone: 647-341-1736
Instagram: @dougmcnish


Cheese-topped and embedded with chunks of crusty baguette, this French onion soup serves as a precursor to dining on wagyu steaks and slabs of seared foie gras.

Address: 26 Alexander Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-924-8697
Instagram: @carmens_steakhouse


While most of the restaurants on this list are fancy French bistros or splurge-worthy steakhouses, this French onion soup is dished out from behind the casual lunch counter at this fromagerie. See? Maybe it should just be renamed cheese soup.

Address: 196 Borden Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-430-4942

Address: 774 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-8133

Instagram: @carmens_steakhouse

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