“I practice all the time”: Ford put French lessons on hold during the pandemic

Oct 18 2021, 7:56 pm

Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters on Monday that despite his 2019 promise to learn French, he has paused his lessons due to the pandemic.

He told reporters that despite putting his lessons on hold, he’s still practicing.

“The pandemic made me stop it, and I practice all the time,” he said.

He added that his Minister of Transport, Caroline Mulroney, helps him with his French from time to time.

“She’s a great French teacher and always gives me the phrases, so I’ll get there, but I just wanted to be safe,” he said.

Ford said that he couldn’t rightfully continue his in-person classes when he was directing students and others to do online learning.

He did not say why he was unable to be instructed remotely like millions of Ontario students during the last school year.

Brooke TaylorBrooke Taylor

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