Ford to make announcement with transportation minister today

Jul 6 2020, 6:12 am

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is expected to make an announcement with Transportation Minister, Caroline Malroney, on Monday afternoon.

On Friday, the premier said that he does not have a firm start date for Stage 3 of reopening for the province.

“Since it’s going to be last stage, we want to make sure our t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted,” he said at the time.

When asked if Stage 3 would happen later in July, the premier said it was possible.

He added that discussions are happening with the health committee, where it will then be deliberated by the health table, who will have the final say.

Ford and Malroney will be joined by Health Minister Christine Elliott and Associate Minister of Transportation (GTA)  Kinga Surma during the daily briefing.

It will take place at Queen’s Park at 1 pm.