Ford doesn't want Americans visiting Ontario due to "reckless" handling of coronavirus

Jul 14 2020, 10:56 am

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he does not want Americans visiting Ontario, due to their “reckless” handling of COVID-19, as cases continue to spike in the US.

On Tuesday, Ford said that he was shown a map tracking coronavirus cases across North America and said that Ontario is ranked number one for virus trends heading downwards.

Due to Ontario’s positive coronavirus trends, Ford believes that allowing US residents across the border will only hinder the province’s progress.

“You just have to look at south of the border to our neighbours down there, and god bless them, I love the Americans, but I don’t want them up here right now,” Ford said.

“After this pandemic, you’re welcome to come up but it’s been reckless down there — that’s the only way I can describe it. They’ve been reckless and moved forward too quickly.”

The premier added that Ontario is reopening at the “right speed” and said he will always listen to health and science before “pressure from anyone.”

He used Florida as an example, which saw 15,000 cases in one day, and Texas which reported 11,000 cases.

“It’s staggering.”

Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering made the COVID-19 Dashboard publicly available and published a map that tracks the coronavirus infections globally.

To date, there are 2,796 cases per million in Canada, while the US has 9,051 per million.

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