Everything Canadians have been Googling about cats

Aug 8 2018, 4:40 pm

If you call yourself a ‘cat person’ you should probably know that today is International Cat Day.

While not everyone is a cat-lover, those who are fond of their furry feline friends are pretty intense about their love for them – and about cat-filled photos and videos.

Let’s face it: Cats sort of rule the internet.

While searches for dogs currently outpace those of cats, cat searches are currently on the rise, according to Google Canada. Cats indeed have a special place in the spotlight themselves – from Grumpy Cat, to whacky cat videos and cat questions.

What are cat-crazed Canadians Googling these days?

Top questions on cats in Canada, past 12 months:

    1. How to draw a cat?
    2. Why do cats purr?
    3. How long do cats live?
    4. Why do cats knead?
    5. How long are cats pregnant for?

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Top cat-related searches in Canada, past 12 months:

    1. Bengal cat
    2. Savannah cat
    3. Grumpy cat
    4. Munchkin cat
    5. Ragdoll cat

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Top cat and meme-related searches in Canada, past 12 months:

    1. Grumpy cat meme
    2. Crying cat meme
    3. White cat meme
    4. Cat birthday meme
    5. Fat cat meme

Unique cat-related searches by Province, past 12 months:

Toronto Cat Rescue

Chat de Bengal

Nova Scotia
Main Coon Cat

New Brunswick
Maine Coon Cat

Winnipeg Humane Society

British Columbia 
Cat Cafe Vancouver

Prince Edward Island
Rag Doll Cat

Regina Cat Rescue

Cat Cafe Calgary

Newfoundland and Labrador:
Maine Coon Cat

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