Find your dream mattress (and escape the city grind) at the Canadian-inspired Endy Lodge

Apr 4 2019, 6:47 pm

Here’s a fact: If you sleep an average of eight hours a night, that means you’re asleep for approximately a third of the day. And that means you’re spending about a third of your entire life sleeping.

So if you’re going to spend a third of your entire life in bed, you owe it to yourself (or at least 1/3 of yourself) to make that time as restful as possible. Give yourself the VIP treatment; you’re worth it. Which is exactly what Endy is doing for Canadians.

Over the past four years, Endy has provided more than 100,000 Canadians with an incredible night’s sleep with their Canadian-made mattresses and sleep essentials. The Endy Lodge, which recently opened in Downtown Toronto’s Stackt┬ámarket at Bathurst and Front Street, is the next logical step in their goal to give you the best sleep possible.

The Endy Lodge is Endy’s first-ever immersive retail experience and showroom space, where you will be able to test out Endy’s fan-favourite products.

Do you feel like being transported from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to a rustic, Canadian lodge? Then this might be your type of thing.

When you first enter the warm and welcoming lounge, it’s like escaping to a cabin in the middle of the city. It features a ceiling-suspended fireplace and cozy┬áCanadian-inspired finishes, including rustic furniture and live-edge wood panels, creating the illusion of an enchanted forest. The lodge even smells like fresh wood!

Want to try out an Endy mattress? Easy. Lay down in one of the two napping nooks, and enjoy a view of the LED-lit ceiling inspired by a starry night out in the woods. Be sure to sneak in a quick snap for your Instagram, with mirrored walls surrounding you in the nook.

You’ll feel right at home (and right in the heart of Downtown Toronto, too!) at The Endy Lodge, and it’s open from now until the end of November, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check out this must-see experience. Most importantly, you can try a mattress before you commit (though don’t worry, you still have more than three months to try your new mattress at home thanks to Endy’s 100 Night Trial).

It’s a dream come true. Learn more about Endy at