Ontario has a breathtaking natural 'bathtub' you need to visit (PHOTOS)

Jul 27 2017, 2:31 pm

Ok, so it’s not exactly close to Toronto.

But sometimes we find ourselves in Sault Ste. Marie, or driving to Thunder Bay, or, hell, why not just skip on over to Winnipeg?

Point is, if you find yourself in the central Ontario (that’s hella North for us in Toronto), you should absolutely check out Bathtub Island. This hidden gem is found at Katherine Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park, about 9 hours northwest of Toronto, and delivers exactly what its name promises: a bathtub. In an island.

That’s right, here you can bask in an all-natural basin that’s shallow enough for maximum relaxation. Surrounding your spectacular splashpad is some of the freshest water on the planet in Caribbean colours and the pearliest of white sandy beaches.

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While the surrounding water is debilitatingly cold, the sun warms up the water that collects in the hollow for a true bathtub experience.

Seriously, this is some Wonder of the Natural World level beauty.

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Check it out the next time you find yourself up there.

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