The company reshaping the cannabis-infused edible market

Jun 11 2021, 8:52 pm

Today’s cannabis-infused edibles market is rife with junk food; lollipops, gummy bears, and chocolate bars are mostly what line the shelves of local dispensaries.

While the offerings are in line with stereotypes of the munchy-crazed stoner, it’s an area of the cannabis industry that could use an update. An Israeli-based foodtech company, Cannibble FoodTech, is introducing a lineup of cannabis-infused edibles intended to reshape the market.

Using their own unique, technological formula in all products, the company has been able to introduce oils and liquids into powder mixes that have a consistent texture and are evenly distributed.

Game-changing cannabis food technology

For Cannibble CEO, Yoav Bar Joseph, it’s akin to the Canadian craft beer market. “We know that Canadians love their beer but the trend isn’t the typical big brand beers,” he says. “People want something unique and that’s why craft beer is so popular. We see the same thing for cannabis.”

The food products, of course, also adhere to local regulations and can even be used medicinally. Bar Joseph describes this patent-pending new method of infusing powders with cannabinoids as a “complete game-changer.”

“We come from a long background in the food industry, and as we started to learn about cannabis, we quickly started to think about the fusion between good food and cannabis and researching recipes and formulas that we were excited about. Finally, after a lot of experimentation, we developed a patent-pending new method to mix CBD, THC, or hempseed into dry powder mixes,” he elaborates.

The exciting new technology will allow the company to introduce new cannabis-infused foods to consumers — ones that can take them from an enlivened morning workout to movie night at home.

Edibles: the future of cannabis

As cannabis-infused edibles continue to become the fastest-growing category in the cannabis market, companies like Cannibble are critical in ensuring it continues to evolve with consumer preferences. The edible market, which is expected to reach $11.8 billion by 2027, currently accounts for 17% of recreational cannabis sales in Canada.

As the brand enters the Canadian market, they’re looking to raise $150,000 worth of investments from their ongoing FrontFundr campaign. As they near their goal, investors who are eager to participate in creating a new “canna-food” segment have the opportunity to buy in for a potential payout later.

“We are exploring the opportunity of an initial public offering,” says Bar Joseph. “Canadian investors still have an opportunity to invest and become a co-owner in Cannibble until June 15th for as little as $250.”

In the near future, Cannibble plans to release a line of THC products in California. Throughout 2021, they’re also expected to see sales via their various selling platforms. Since just about any food can become a cannabis-based product, Bar Joseph sees infinite opportunities within the edible market.

To learn more or invest in Cannibble’s FrontFundr campaign, you can visit

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