10 of the best (and funniest) CN Tower EdgeWalk pics ever taken

Jun 22 2016, 9:53 pm

Imagine someone saying to you, ‘hey, if you give me $200 I’ll let you walk around hands-free on top of the CN Tower.’


And yet, thousands of people choose to live on the edge of the CN Tower’s 356 metre (1,168 foot) drop. Not only that, they pose like a bunch of maniacs.

Well, today we say cheers to those brave enough to take the first step out into the stratosphere – and salute their poses at the same time.

When you’re more casual on top of the CN Tower than most people are anywhere in public

I did it!!!!! 😍😍😍 #edgewalk #toronto #cntower

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When you’re famous

sunset in Toronto😆 #EdgeWalk

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When you still think Cam Newton shoulda won the Super Bowl

Dab on the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere 🇨🇦📍 #EdgeWalk

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When you need to prove to the boys it ain’t photoshopped

When they said it would be fun but you’re pretty sure you’re gonna die

When you think it’s a model shoot but no one is paying you to be there

Living on the edge. 😀 Chilling 356m above the ground. #edgewalk #cntower #toronto #views #allthewayup #amti #aactorsdiary ☆

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When you never learned how to stand up or sit down properly and you’ve spent your whole life somewhere in the middle of both


When they told you Canada was cold and you believed them


When you were a dancer as a little girl and NO ONE SHOULD EVER FORGET

Walked the edge with mama bear today! Graduation weekend was liiiiiiiit! 🔥🔥🎉 #edgewalk #views #viewsfromthe6

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And finally, when you’re Drake

Now you know where Aubs got his dumb album cover idea from. #cntower #edgewalk #Safe&Fun

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