Christmas tree flavoured cupcakes are now a thing in Toronto

Dec 12 2016, 7:48 pm

Do you love the smell of Christmas trees? What about baked goods?


You, like 98% (I’m making this up) of Torontonians are going to love this latest offering in seasonal baking. That other 2% who are always left out? You’re going love these too, because they’re vegan AND gluten free.

Available for the month of December at Bunner’s bakeshop, these Balsam and Red Currant Cupcakes feature a currant-swirled cake crowned with a balsam-scented buttercream frosting made from real balsam fir.

Find them for sale for $4.50 each, or save the tax when you buy six.

Bunner’s Bake

Address: 2975 Kensington Avenue, Toronto; 244 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
Instagram: @bunner