Molson releases limited-edition variety pack of Canadian-founded brews

Jul 10 2020, 8:16 am

Canadians pride themselves on many things — beautiful vistas, a diverse and welcoming population, and dishes iconic to the Great White North — but that list wouldn’t be complete without beer.

However, unlike many countries in the world who pick their own beer first, Canada’s number one selling beer wasn’t actually founded in Canada.

For this reason, Molson Canadian has announced the release of a limited-edition case of exclusively Canadian-founded beer — aka “the most Canadian case of beer ever.” In addition to Molson Canadian, the case will include products from fellow brewers in a groundbreaking collaboration between a variety of Canadian-founded beer brands.

Participating breweries include Big Rock Brewery, Post Game Brewing Co, Something In The Water Brewing, Hockley Valley Brewing Co, Red Truck Beer Company, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, and Vimy Brewing Company, among many others.

The Canadian Case/Tyler Shaw

As there are so many breweries participating, not all cases will consist of the exact same brands. Instead, different brews that are available at local beer and liquor stores will be added to the case on a rotating basis.

“Since 1786, seven generations of our family have been proudly brewing beer right here in Canada. But this isn’t about us or our story. This is about something bigger. It’s about pride in Canadian beer,” says Andrew Molson in a press release.

Founded in 1786 by John Molson on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Molson is the oldest operating brewer in Canada. While the company is responsible for many brands, Molson Canadian was first brewed in 1959.

To further show their support for their Canadian roots, Molson will donate $5 for every special-edition case printed, up to $25,000, to a local charity supporting people and communities who are struggling in this particularly challenging year.

The Canadian Case/Molson Canadian

The case is limited-edition, so it will only be available in select cities in Ontario while supplies last, until the end of the month. To find out if the case is available near you, visit or The Beer Guy.

If it isn’t available near you, you can still enter to win a #MakeitCanadian Cooler Bag. Simply visit the Molson website and design your own virtual case, using your favourite brews as inspiration. You can learn more about the Canadian Case and enter to win on the Molson website.

Must be legal drinking age. Case available in select markets for a limited time only. While supplies last. For case details, visit

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