Canada’s Wonderland roller coasters ranked from worst to best

Apr 26 2022, 7:47 pm

Canada’s Wonderland is opening again for the season, and there are lots of rides, events, and food to enjoy.

For the thrill-seekers that want the adrenaline rush, there is a ton of great options but you might not have time to ride them all.

We ranked the roller coasters at Wonderland so you can decide what to ride, and what to skip on your next visit!

12. Time Warp

Unless you like being laid flat on your belly/chest and encased in a cage, this one is a pass. It’s actually Canada’s first “flying coaster” since 2004, but if you’re looking for the true roller coaster experience, you might be looking for more after this one.

11. Wilde Beast

Of the wooden coasters, the Wilde Beast is the inferior. It may be one of Wonderland’s original roller coasters, but you might want to have a neck brace at the ready when you’re off this ride. It’s truly a wild, fast, and shaky experience.

10. Thunder Run

Ride on a train through the famous Wonder mountains on this coaster. The thrill comes through a moment of darkness when you enter the mountain, however if you’re looking for the dips and drops, you won’t find it here.

9. The Fly

The fun of The Fly comes from the side-winding turns that make you feel like you might “fly” out of your seat. While this also might not bode well for your neck, it’s still a good little coaster to break up the big ones.

8. Vortex

One of the most scenic rides at Wonderland, it was actually the park’s first suspended coaster. It’s got everything you look for with some good drops and twist and turns, but it won’t give you that gut-wrenching thrill you might seek in a coaster.

7. Dragon Fyre

Nothing hits quite like the double loop on Dragon Fyre. One of the four original coasters of the park consider it the gateway roller coaster to the major players.

6. Mighty Canadian Minebuster

This wooden coaster is more thrilling than it looks. It’s the longest single-track wooden coaster in Canada. You get the breathtaking drops, the speed, the falling-out-of-your-seat turns on this classic coaster.

5. The Bat

The Bat slingshots you forwards and backwards through a series of loops and twists. It’s one of the most unique roller coasters at the park, and a must-ride when visiting.

4. Flight Deck

This will always be known as Top Gun to some, but Flight Deck is a suspended coaster that has you holding on for dear life. This ride is Canada’s only inverted loop jet coaster, which is why it’s one of the top roller coasters to ride at Wonderland.

3. Behemoth

The Behemoth is a real fan favourite and the second-largest roller coaster in Canada, second to the Leviathan. With no upper body restraints, this ride pushes you to the limit and gets your heart racing. Who wouldn’t want to tackle this beast?

2. Yukon Striker

Wonderland’s newest roller coaster is not for the faint of heart. You’ll be holding your breath as you hang over the ride’s 90-degree drop for three seconds. From there you dive right into an underwater tunnel and a giant loop. It’s a roller coaster fanatics’ dream come true.

1. Leviathan

Canada’s tallest and fastest roller coaster does not disappoint. Reach the highest peak in the park and take a breath as you go on an 80-degree drop that will have you gripping that lap bar with all your strength. This coaster will quench any thrill-seeker’s thirst for adventure.

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