Bud Light added a new flavour to their fruity family, here are our thoughts

Aug 13 2021, 8:38 pm

Summer is a season to be savoured, as are the many delights that come along with it; the long-lasting daylight, the sweaterless weather, the lush flora and trees that fill even the most urban of spaces.

To be equally savoured are the many drinks brought on by the sunny season, not the least of which is the awesome beverage lineup from the Bud Light beer family. Most recently, this now also includes Bug Light Mango — a new entry in the realm of flavoured beer, just in time for the summer BBQ season.

The latest addition to the well-known beer purveyor’s lineup of light, fruity beers is quickly becoming a summer favourite. From patio hangs to afternoons spent hanging out on the beach, the assortment of lively lagers makes for easy sipping.

To see how the new, limited-edition mango flavour stacks up, it only made sense we sample the full collection. Here’s how it went.

Bud Light Mango

In all honesty, Bud Light Mango is a worthy addition to the Bud Light Family. We had some reservations going in, for fear that it might be too sweet (a mistake we’ve encountered among other beer and seltzer brands), but this, reassuringly, was not the case.

Steering clear of coming off as too “juicy,” it’s bubbly and tropical, without being overbearing. The subtly sweet mango flavour is a match for the sweet and nutty barley flavours of the beer, which are balanced out by the bitter undertones of the hops.

Refreshing is a word that comes to mind when describing Bud Light Mango, which is appropriately a sunny and golden colour. It’s a certified winner — and it’s ripe for picking this summer.

Bud Light Lime

Bud Light Lime — the OG flavoured beer — has become a summer classic. Lime and beer are an eternal combo (one that originated with Mexican lagers) — and there’s a reason why.

The tartness and acidity of the lime is a welcome contrast to the smooth sweetness of the barley and a counterpart to the citrusy and pine-like hops of the light lager. The sourness prickles your tongue (in a good way), while the beer soothes and smooths. It’s fresh, zesty, and balanced — what more could you ask for?

Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade

When it comes to Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade, again, citrus and lager just work. We found it to be more strawberry-forward with a citrus undertone — the sweet and sour flavours of the fruit melding seamlessly with the sweet and sourness of the barley and hops.

Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade airs on the side of plump and ripe (rather than tart), making for a juicy and honeyed drink.

Bud Light Apple

In the world of beverages, we’ve often found apple flavours to be hit or miss. We’d consider this one a triumph that goes down like a nice, dry cider. It’s sweet and juicy but doesn’t verge on being too candied or syrupy.

Especially when extra chilled, it makes for an exceptionally crisp and refreshing drink. All in all, it’s a summer drink that will take you right into fall.

To get your paws on Bug Light Mango or any of Bud Light’s assorted flavoured beers, head to your local LCBO or Beer Store until the end of the summer.

To learn more, you can visit budlight.ca.

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