Brunching with bottomless beer (and mimosas) in Toronto is cancelled

Feb 16 2018, 2:49 am

Bottomless beer and mimosas is not happening. The promotion announced just yesterday has been abruptly cancelled before it ever even began.

According to a rep from the brewery:

Northern Maverick will not be offering bottomless beer or mimosas, but rather $5 tulips (13 oz) of lager or mimosas during brunch hours of 11 am to 3 pm Saturdays and Sundays, with an order of a brunch item.

While no reason has been provided, we’re speculating that it has something to do with the stringent advertising guidelines enforced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) which prohibits the promotion of “immoderate consumption.”

Alcoholic drinks in Ontario are also subject to a minimum price. In accordance with the AGCO Liquor Advertising Guidelines,

A standard-sized drink may not be sold or supplied for less than $2. As outlined in ss.20 (3) of Regulation 719, licensees may not offer for sale or supply a serving of liquor for a price below the minimum price of $2, including taxes, whether the liquor is sold separately or as part of a package that includes other goods or services such as food, a haircut or a spa treatment. A serving of liquor is defined as follows: (a) 341 ml (12 oz) of beer, cider or cooler; (b) 29 ml (1 oz) of spirits; (c) 142 ml (5 oz) of regular wine; (d) 85 ml (3 oz) of fortified wine. 2. The minimum price changes depending on the size of the serving of liquor provided to the patron. If a licensee offers for sale a serving of liquor that differs in size from those listed above, the minimum price for that serving shall increase or decrease in direct proportion to the difference in volume of liquor contained in that serving.

AGCO minimum serving alcohol


Inclusive pricing at hotels and resorts can offer some leeway, and “responsible drink price flexibility is permitted” provided that the purchase price of liquor “remains above the minimum price, whether offered in combination with food or other goods or services, such as ‘wine with dinner’, ‘beer with wings’, or ‘a cocktail with a spa treatment’ or for a specified time.”

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