Best places to meet someone in Toronto: The Drake Hotel

May 28 2016, 8:49 am

There used to be only one Drake in Toronto—and that was The Drake Hotel. The vintage brick building turned contemporary art, culture, and It-crowd hub has been around for more than a decade. And like Drizzy, this spot is real popular among Torontonians.

What hood

West Queen West (1150 Queen W to be exact).

Who you’ll find

Hip urbanites. Depending on the night, you could see everyone from Bay-Streeters and 9-to-5ers enjoying a drink on the rooftop, to laidback hipsters ready to snap their fingers to some slam poetry at The Drake Underground. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a celeb or two.

What’s the vibe

Trendy bohemian.

What to wear

While you don’t need to get decked out in your Sunday best, The Drake’s crowd typically goes one step above super-casual bar wear. “Get as creative as you want, keeping one word in mind: refined,” states The Drake’s website. “Shine up your shoes, wear all the patterns you choose and don’t be afraid to break out your fancy pants.”

When to go

If you’re looking to sit at the bar and see who catches your eye, The Drake’s lounge might be right up your ally. Described to feel as “your home away from home’s living room,” the lounge has a casual atmosphere and, if you need a bit of liquid courage before approaching that hottie across the room, bottles of wine are half-priced on Tuesdays.

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If you’re more the type to dance your way into someone’s heart, the Drake frequently hosts DJ nights and concerts in its Underground, lounge, and rooftop patio, aka the Sky Yard.

Get the details for all upcoming shindigs on their events listings.

Pro tip

Beyond the typical dancing and drinks, The Drake offers a lot of great events and activities that can make it easier to strike up a conversation with someone new. To switch it up, maybe try Wednesday’s trivia night, yoga classes, life-drawing sessions, free Monday foodie nights, launch parties, or the art exhibit and gallery spaces—all great ways to break the ice.


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