12 of the best biking trails to ride in Toronto this summer

Jun 15 2021, 2:31 pm

Summer is almost here and there’s nothing keeping you from your bike.

There’s nothing quite like pedalling hard and flying through parks and trails when the warm weather arrives. Well, it has finally arrived and Toronto has some great trails, regardless of what kind of bike you ride.

Here are the 12 best trails in and around Toronto to go for a ride on.

Moccasin Trail Park

Moccasin Trail Park/Hiking the GTA

This is the perfect area for a slow, casual bike ride with wildlife views and colourful murals to check out. The path is paved, not too long at only half a kilometre, and there is almost no elevation. Hop off the bike once in a while and look for the old gothic house built in 1821!

Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods/ All Trails

The Crothers Woods bike trail is down in the ravine, making it excellent for mountain bikers. There’s a 10 km dirt trail for your wide tires to dig into, with elevation and terrain changes to keep you guessing and having fun.

Kay Gardner Beltline Trail

The trail here is extensive, with no obstacles making for a free-feeling ride. Keep in mind, however, that this means there are plenty of walkers. This trail tends to get a little muddy and slushy in the spring season, which can make it quite a bit quieter, and a blast of a ride.

Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop

Moore Park Ravine Trail Loop/All Trails

Clean off that mountain bike, so you can hit this often muddy trail and dirty it up all over again. The multiple-elevation trail winds through the ravine here, making it one of the more exciting trails in the Toronto area. A cold beverage at the end of your ride at Evergreen Brick Works could be the perfect reward.

Betty Sutherland Trail Park

Toronto biking trails

Betty Sutherland Trail Park/All Trails

You’ll have to be slightly wary of walking people and dogs on leashes here, but there’s plenty of room. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to enjoy the sights of the trail and calming sounds of the river. For those needing a little more speed and adventure, there are plenty of dirt trails along the way as well.

Chorley Park Switchbacks


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Rip it up on these downhill switchbacks at Chorley Park.Ā The entire route was recently re-built by the city and is now gravel coated. At just over 630 m, this is a quick and fun biking route.

Martin Goodman Trail

Toronto biking trails

Martin Goodman Trail/All Trails

This long ride might take you a whole day — but it’s totally worth it. If you do the entire stretch, you’ll ride for 56 km along the waterfront. On one end is the Rouge River in the east, and on the west end is the highlight of the trip — the Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

Toronto Islands

Marc Bruxelles/Shutterstock

The Toronto Islands are a quick getaway, and seeing it all by bike is the best way. You can enjoy the sights and easily hop on and off, checking out the different cafes and lookout spots.

Humber River Recreation Trail

Toronto biking trails

Humber River Recreation Trail/All Trails

There’s more than one way to enjoy the Humber River Recreation Trail. If you’ve got a road bike, enjoy the sights. Old bridges, impressive waterfalls, gardens, and the nearby river are just a few of the striking sights you’ll enjoy on this journey. Or ride your mountain bike down, enjoying all the sights, but on the north side of the trail more suited to bigger tires.

Lower Don Trail


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This popular trail recently saw significant improvements that make it a great place for a bike trip. Most of this paved and multi-use 8.4 km trail runs alongside the Don River, but the best part is it finishes in the Distillery District.

Morningside Park

Toronto biking trails

Morningside Park/All Trails

Turn your morning into a perfect one at Morningside Park — Toronto’s largest park. The path is paved with a fair bit of elevation to play with. With over 500-acres of room to cover, you can grip the handlebars and really fly. There’s even a beginner flow track with dirt jumps if that’s your thing.

Etobicoke Creek Trail

Etobicoke Creek Trail/All Trails

Parts of this trail are in Toronto, but with a 50 km route and 18 km of mountain biking paths, you can explore neighbouring regions if you’re up for a longer ride. You’ll follow creeks, rivers, hit dead ends, pass large stone walls, golf courses, and more. It’s truly an adventure when riding around the Etobicoke Creek Trail.

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