Nearly 150 Beer Store locations will be open on Boxing Day this year

Dec 16 2019, 1:12 pm

With all the distant relatives in your home for the holidays, your beer stash can deplete faster than usual. The Beer Store gets it.

That’s why there will be 148 Beer Store locations open across Ontario on Boxing Day this year, so you can stock up if you’re running low mid-visit.

Stores will be open across the GTA and in Barrie, Ottawa, Kingston, Hamilton, and more.

And if you run out of wine, you might get lucky — the LCBO will be closed from 6 pm on Christmas Eve until select locations reopen for reduced hours on December 26.

Where permitted by local municipalities, some LCBO Convenience Outlets may maintain regular hours of business over the holiday season.

You should call your closest store ahead of time, to inquire about what their hours will look like over these festive days.

If it’s beer you’re looking for, these are the Beer Store locations that will be open on December 26 across Ontario:

beer store

beer store

beer store

The Beer Store