BC "L" driver surprised by the typo on his brand new licence

May 8 2023, 7:54 pm

A driver recently got his Class 7L licence and was surprised to see a typo regarding his height.

Niko, a Golden, BC, resident, recently shared a post to the British Columbia subreddit with concerns about the typo.

“I think the lady at ICBC messed up,” Niko wrote.

That typo suggests that poor Niko is only 23 centimetres tall when he’s 5’9″.

license typo


He told Daily Hive last week that he hadn’t contacted ICBC about the error but planned to go on Monday. We also asked him if he had laughed about the mistake.

Niko said, “Yes, I laughed about it when I saw it, although I was also a bit concerned.”

In his Reddit post, Niko wondered if he could get fined. Others chimed in with funny reactions to the licence typo and other errors ICBC had made on their licences.

The top comment read, “Meh – I told them I was 200lbs about 10 years ago…they put 200kg. Nothing bad has happened.”

ICBC also responded to the post.

“Hi OP – glad to hear you aren’t actually 23cm, that would make driving challenging! Please contact our driver licensing contact centre and a rep can assist.”

A user responded to that post, “Don’t forget to bring in a stool so you can reach the counter when visiting the [licence] bureau. lol”

Someone else chimed in, asking about Niko’s services.

“23cm… Are you available? I’m searching for a Garden gnome!!”

According to MeasuringStuff.com, at 23 cm, Niko would be slightly taller than a business envelope.

license typo


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