BC voted as Canada's favourite province according to national poll

Sep 1 2022, 1:00 pm

Leger has conducted a new national poll which will likely be divisive for some Canadians, as the results have declared BC the country’s favourite province.

According to Leger, BC came out on top for its general query on which province is the favourite of Canadians apart from their own, and BC won by a landslide as it took 30% of the vote, followed by Alberta with 12%.

Regarding why BC was selected as the number one choice for Canadians, geography or landscapes were the primary reason. That’s the same reason why some chose Alberta as their favourite province.


The second most prominent reason for choosing BC as a favourite was the nature or wildlife, and the third reason for people choosing BC was the perception that it was different from their own.

Only 1% of respondents said that BC was their favourite province because it’s affordable. In contrast, 16% of respondents chose Alberta as their most-liked province because they deem it affordable.

People chose New Brunswick as their favourite province mainly because of the people. Most respondents selected Ontario as a favourite because of the opportunities and things to do.

For those who selected Quebec as their favourite, it was due to the history, culture, and arts.


Quebec topped the list in a different poll section for another reason; Canadians’ least favourite province. Alberta followed Quebec as the second least favourite province, according to Canadians.


It’s interesting to note that most of the respondents were located in Quebec or Ontario.

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