These are 12 of Toronto's most scrumptious bagel places

Mar 6 2019, 1:18 am

You know how it feels to crave a bagel. And you know that when that hankering hits, any old bagel just won’t do.

The ultimate bagel offers just the right amount of chew, prime softness, the perfect layer of spread, and ample toppings. And luckily, there are a number of spots in the city that are offering up the greatest of goods.

These are twelve of the city’s most beautiful bagels.

Lox + Schmear


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Whether you’re craving a classic bagel topped with lox or a more elaborate sammy, Lox + Schmear’s got something for you. Their tuna melt is something to behold, and vegans can have a happy tummy when they choose the vegan cream cheese option and load their sandwich with tons of veggies—pickled and not.

Address: 1030 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto
Phone: 647-627-8655


What a Bagel


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What a Bagel is a prime spot to stop, pretty much wherever you are in the city. With plenty of locations, a delicious breakfast sandwich—or rainbow bagel—is always nearby. Which is perfect for when you’re hungry on the way to work.

Address: Multiple locations across the city




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This spot is wicked. With bagel options ranging from poppyseed to pumpernickel, spreads like horseradish mayo, and toppings like whitefish salad, chopped liver, lemon dill gravlax, pastrami smoked lox, pickled onion and capers, you won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back for more.

Address: 224 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 647-350-4261

Address: 414 Dupont Street (behind Fat Pasha)
Phone: 647-350-4400


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am bagel


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New to the Queen and Roncy neighbourhood, am bagel is serving fierce bagel sandwiches, hot coffee and the coziest atmosphere. All their options are delicious, but we’d be remiss to not highlight the delightful vegan option on weekend rotation: a carrot-based lox over dairy-free cream cheese, sprinkled with capers and bursting with flavour. If you’d prefer sweet over savoury, this spot’s got Penny Candy Jam, which layers perfectly over cream cheese.

Address: 53 Roncesvalles Avenue


Bagel House


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This comforting spot offers up the classics: breakfast sammies, lox, and build-your-own creations. The bagels are bouncy with just the right amount of chew, and they’re open late. Which means if you’re needing a carb-loaded bite after a beer or two, you’re supported. Bagels have got your back.

Address: Multiple locations across the city


Nu Bügel


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This Kensington Market gem is worth the visit. Their smoked trout sandwich is served with sweet horseradish jelly and pommery mustard. They’ve also got New York-style pastrami, smoked chicken with pesto mayo, corned beef and “Le Chèvre,” made with goat cheese, baby arugula and house jelly.

Address: 240 Augusta Avenue
Phone: 647-748-4488


Bagel Time


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This Greektown spot is slinging Montreal-style bagels, made fresh on the daily. To keep with the theme, they’ve got a Montreal smoked meat option on-deck that is very much worth a try, if you’re so inclined. And they’ll do up other flavour combos for you too. Say, peanut butter and cheddar?

Address: 582 Danforth Avenue
Phone: 416-546-0177


St. Urbain Bagels


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St. Urbain is a saint in that it’s got something for everyone. Cream cheese-fiends, check. Can’t have dairy? Got you. Love classics, healthy twists or sweet takes? You’re covered. Here you can get a chocolate chip bagel with vegan cream cheese, a pretzel bagel with lox pate, a flaxseed bagel with babaganoush, and everything in between.

Address: 93 Front Street East
Phone: 416-364-8305


Almond Butterfly


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This spot is totally gluten-free, baby! So you can have your bagel and eat it, too. With vegan options on-deck, plenty of sandwich choices and both savoury and sweet toppings on the menu, you can satisfy your cravings without compromising your tummy’s integrity.

Address: 100 Hardbord Street
Phone: 416-792-7994




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Vegans, rejoice. Bloomer’s serves sinfully good fluffy bagels and you can top them with a cashew-based cream cheese style spread, in an herby flavour or sharp cheddar. That alone is drool-worthy. Add the fact that during weekday mornings, the spot serves a vegan breakfast sandwich featuring artisanal Rescue Dogs Vegan‘s maple breakfast banger, and you’re in paradise.

Address: 873 Bloor Street West
Phone: 416-551-0532




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These sandwiches are loaded. Piles of roast turkey, lox, chicken salad and more are served with fresh and crunchy lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes on top. With three locations across the city, you can get your bagel fix whether you’re uptown, midtown, or right in the downtown core.

Address: 15 St. Clair Avenue West; 133 Richmond Street; 2496 Yonge Street


Through Being Cool


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This vegan spot is mostly known for their unbelievable donuts, but Through Being Cool serves up another round delight: incredible bagels. Slathered with vegan cream cheese, these fluffy bad-boys are the ideal way to start your day. Or end it. Or to take a coffee break with. Or whatever, honestly. They’re just delicious.

Address: 1277 Bloor Street West
Phone: 416-998-3321


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