Aunty Lucy's Burgers new capsule collection is the perfect wardrobe for chowing down

Jan 12 2021, 6:34 pm

Burger lovers in Toronto know that Aunty Lucy’s Burgers is the place to go. The restaurant, currently housed in the Annex Hotel, has been a popular destination for Ghanain-influenced fare ever since its opening in 2020.

Aunty Lucy’s is kicking off the new year by dropping new merchandise. According to founder Chieff Bosompra, their first capsule collection is an extension of the restaurant and its style.

Hip-Hop musician Jazz Cartier showcasing Aunty Lucy’s new capsule collection. Photo by Darren Xu (@lokizoo)

“When it comes to food we use all the best ingredients and strive to go above and beyond for our customers,” said Bosompra in an interview with Daily Hive.

“We brought this same approach to the capsule collection. Sourcing the highest quality fabrics for a custom t-shirt, while at the same time allowing the graphics to be simple yet classic. The tote bag is heavy duty and something they can wear daily.”

The limited-edition merchandise, including two T-shirt designs and one tote bag, was inspired by Bosompra’s own streetwear and sneaker background. It is also an extension of Aunty Lucy’s goal of being a force of black creativity in Toronto.

“I want our customers to feel a sense of pride when they purchase items from the collection,” said Bosompra.

“I know anyone who purchases a shirt will be very surprised once they touch it and feel the quality. The shirts are also very limited, so it’s one of those, ‘If you know, you know’ type things, which I love.”

Bosompra was motivated to open Aunty Lucy’s Burgers by his own love of the dish.

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers founder Chieff Bosompra / Photo Submitted

“I have tried hundreds of burgers, from greasy fast food to burgers from Michelin chefs, and a whole lot in between. I was very inspired by a few places I saw in Paris as well while I was working out there (for a) fashion week.

“Initially I just wanted to organize a 4-day pop-up as a promotional project for my creative agency Undisposable. The pop-up sold out every day, so then as we began to head into spring I wanted to bring it back again. Then the pandemic hit. I was doing research and came to learn about ghost kitchens, and had been following the rise of QSRs (quick service restaurants) on delivery platforms. So I decided I wanted to try my hand bringing Aunty Lucy’s back that way. So we tried that and we haven’t looked back since.”

Menu highlights include the Kumasi Burger ($8), a single patty burger named after the city in Ghana where Bosompra’s father was born, and the Accra ($11), a double-patty nod to Ghana’s capital. The restaurant also serves up popular Ghanian street foods including Kelewele (fried, spicy plantain), Jollof rice, and Shito (Ghanian hot sauce).

Aunty Lucy’s Capsule Collection Tote Bag

Bosompra is grateful for all the success of Aunty Lucy’s and is looking forward to new opportunities for the restaurant.

“It’s a merger of all the things I love,” explained Bosompra. “Food, clothing, culture, community, and music.

“We want to continue to keep serving our customers amazing food, and then expand our reach in Toronto with other locations and then hopefully expand to other cities as well. We shall see what the future holds.”

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