American tourist reveals favourite things about Toronto and here's what made the cut

May 5 2023, 3:20 pm

If you’ve lived in Toronto long enough, you might’ve slowly become desensitized to the city’s appeal and charm. After all, Toronto’s long list of dazzling attractions might seem bleak in the face of soaring rent prices, public transportation issues, and constant construction.

However, one American tourist with a fresh set of eyes recently detailed their favourite things about the city in a Reddit thread that has since gone viral.

“I’m an American who visited Toronto for the first time over the weekend and thought you’d get a kick out of the opinions from an outside perspective. To be clear, I had an amazing time and would 10/10 go again. Here are my key takeaways,” the post reads.

“There is a maple leaf on just about everything, The maple leaf on the McDonald’s ‘M’ made me chuckle,” the user wrote.

“There is a cannabis store and a Tim Hortons on just about every block. The cool thing is, you never have to actually buy any cannabis because you can just get a contact high from the constant smell of weed everywhere.”

Other key takeaways noted by the California tourist include the city’s mouthwatering Indian cuisine, standstill traffic along major corridors, the sheer amount of tulips and daffodils everywhere, as well as the swarms of food delivery bikes that would make great contenders for the Tour de France.

“Hearing someone say ‘sowrry’ for the first time was definitely a ‘he said the thing!’ moment,” the tourist continued.

“The $1 being in coin form instead of a bill threw me off. The fact that it’s called a ‘looney’ while also having a ‘twooney/tooney’ is great and will never not make me think of the cartoon Looney Tunes,” the post reads.

The tourist also noted that Toronto boasts some “good-looking people,” and acknowledged that the city’s residents rock some pretty nice style.

“The spiderwebs in the sky, a.k.a the trolley system was quite the spectacle to see. Queen Street practically has a canopy overhead,” the user noted.

“You can buy poutine everywhere. It’s like asking if a restaurant has water. Yes, they have it. Smoke’s [Poutinerie] was great, but the true surprise was Costco’s poutine. The price point and those fries?! Delish!”

Last but certainly not least, the user was convinced that chanting “Go Leafs!” is the equivalent of saying “hello” here in Toronto.

“Thanks for being so kind while I was there. It was a great first experience and again, 10/10 would visit again.”

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