Amazon launches free same-day delivery in Vancouver and Toronto

Sep 27 2016, 10:06 pm

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it seems Amazon is stepping up to the plate.

The online retail giant announced that, starting Tuesday, all Toronto and Vancouver Amazon Prime members will be eligible for free same-day delivery, including on weekends.

Christmas Eve shoppers are probably doing happy dances right now.

That means Vancouver customers will have over 500,000 items ready to be delivered the same day, while Toronto customers will have more than a million.

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Here are some of the stipulations:

  • You need to order by 9 am in order to receive your package by 9 pm the same day. If it’s any later, your order will arrive by 9 pm the next day.
  • Shipping is free, as long as you spend at least $25.

All items that are available for same-day delivery will be under a special icon or will be on the filter menu.

Same-day delivery will also be available to regular Amazon customers, but at a cost: $11.99 an order, plus an additional $1.99 per pound per item.

And in case you don’t know anything about being a Prime member, don’t forget, they pay an annual fee of $79 for the free same-day delivery privileges.

So nothing is every truly free.

When are they going to start drone deliveries anyway?

Lauren SundstromLauren Sundstrom

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