6 stunning spots where you can do a workout outside in Toronto

Jul 27 2020, 1:01 pm

We’ve all been looking for innovative ways to workout recently that don’t involve hitting up our usual gyms, yoga studios, and spin classes that have been on hiatus.

But if you’ve done enough indoor YouTube yoga workouts to last a lifetime, it’s time to venture outside for your daily fix of exercise. And when better to soak in the natural beauty our city has to offer than this time of year?

We’ve teamed up with Hydrator to find the best spots around town where you can set down your yoga mat or dumbbells.

Ever since the pandemic hit, the Vancouver-based healthy sports drink company has been encouraging people to be as creative as possible in their exercise routines. In its campaign as the unofficial hydrator of physically-distanced workouts, Hydrator been supporting exercisers across the city, whether they’re doing squats holding their pup or joining a backyard bootcamp.

Plot a course to any of these six stunning outdoor spots where you can get your sweat on.

Christie Pits

This trendy Korea-town park is almost certainly poised to become the next Trinity Bellwoods, so expect there to be throngs of people around socializing and moving their bodies too. This lively and vibrant spot is sure to energize your workout and is especially ideal for (small) group sessions with tons of grassy knolls to sit your mat or workout equipment.

Riverdale Park


Go for the workout, but stay for the sunset. This underrated park in downtown’s east end offers one of the best views of the skyline, framed with the beautiful surrounding greenery. Unlike other parks in the city, it’s rarely overcrowded, which means you’ll have lots of space to move around. Given that the park is on a slope, you may just find that going up and down the hill provides you with sufficient cardio.

Woodbine Beach

This prime workout location is in the city’s far east end Beaches neighbourhood. The patch of sandy waterfront that is Woodbine Beach spans three kilometres along Lake Ontario and is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and doing pushups in the sand. Steer clear of large weekend crowds and opt to head here on a peaceful weeknight when you’re likely to have a big chunk of beach all to yourself.

High Park


High Park is Toronto’s biggest public park and just about has it all. It’s equipped with hiking and bike trails, a lakefront, tons of grassy areas, and even a zoo. It’s also extremely biodiverse with lots of wildlife and tall, enormous trees. Find a shady place under one of the many lush, leafy conifers and find a moment of serenity while engaging in your practice.

Corktown Common

Located on the breezy waterfront, Corktown Commons is another beautiful spot to get a workout in. The West Don Lands jewel is located on an industrial site turned urban green space with paths for jogging and expansive lawns where you can lay down your mat. If you’re looking to feel at one with nature, you can kick off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes as you do a sun salutation. 

Toronto Island


If you’re feeling adventurous, take the ferry or water taxi to Toronto Island where you’ll have an endless amount of lawn and beach to get your body moving. Better yet, rent a kayak or canoe and you can get your workout out of the way by paddling your way there. Be warned, though, you’ll never want to return to your living room workout again.

You’re probably going to get pretty thirsty working outside in the summertime — as opposed to your climate-controlled living room.


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