To celebrate 50 years of MR.SUB we made a list of amazing potential sandwiches

Jun 12 2018, 8:49 pm

This year’s a big one for Toronto’s iconic sandwich purveyor, MR.SUB, as the eatery celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Back in 1968 MR.SUB (then Mr.Submarine) first opened its doors in Yorkville and since then the restaurant has gone on to open over 270 locations across Canada and around the world.

True, much has changed since then, but MR.SUB still continues to serve up quality, honest food to satisfy us hungry Torontonians. Now, 2018 marks another milestone for MR.SUB because the sandwich expert has introduced meats raised without antibiotics to the menu. This makes it the first national sub sandwich restaurant in the QSR industry in Canada to serve RWA meats like turkey, salami, ham and luncheon meat.

In celebration of the eatery’s 50th big one, we’ve created a list of seven potential MR.SUB sandwiches.

The Patriot

If this one was on the menu for Canada Day it would undoubtedly be a hit (with us, anyway). Made with only Canadian ingredients; all white meat Canadian farm raised grilled chicken strips, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and (of course) cheese, this one will make you feel good about supporting local. Oh, Canada.

The Cheating Vegetarian

If you’ve just recently transitioned to vegetarianism or if you adopted a plant-based diet a long time ago, this is a way to slightly break your dietary choices on the low. That’s where the cheating vegetarian would have you covered – it’s all veggies with a single hidden slice of ham. Your secret’s safe with us.

The Anti-Vegan

Toronto and the world are home to many vegans and we do salute them. The anti-vegan sandwich does exactly what its name suggests, includes items that vegans don’t and generally can’t eat. Think lettuce, turkey, bacon, ham, salami, and meatballs, topped with a mozzarella-cheddar blend with buttermilk ranch sauce. Too much?

The Princess Dairies

This one is simple, yet challenging. Vegetarian, yet challenging for most stomachs and digestive tracks. It’s a cheese-lover’s dream, because it calls for every single type of cheese available. For those counting at home, that’s: white cheese, mozza-cheddar blend, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, and cheddar cheese. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Worldly Bird

Feeling international? Then you’ll love this sub with chicken and sauces from all over the world. (Yes, we know chickens can’t fly. Just go with it.) For protein, we’re talking chicken souvlaki, Louisiana chicken strips, and spicy breaded chicken. Throw in some lettuce, black olives, and pineapple, and sauce it up with southwest chipotle and sweet & spicy Thai. As for breads and cheeses; the world’s your oyster. (And by oyster, we mean “gargantuan chicken sub.”)


As part of their 50th-anniversary celebrations, MR.SUB is donating $1 from every large Assorted sub sold from July 9 to 13 to The Breakfast Club of Canada. This means every dollar donated from your order will equal one breakfast for a child in need.

Visit MR.SUB to find a location near you. Check out the sub sandwich expert on Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest updates.

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