19 best photoshops of #DartGuy by Leafs fans (PHOTOS)

Apr 17 2017, 11:17 pm

With the Leafs in the playoffs for the first time in four years and the series tied 1-1 coming back to Toronto, you’d expect some cult heroes to be emerging.

Auston Matthews? Nazem Kadri?? Matt Martin???

Dart Guy. The answer is Dart Guy.

Jason Maskalow, the Maple Leafs fan who was trending on Twitter as #DartGuy has become a sensation ever since he was shown on television during the broadcast of Game 2 in Washington.

The native of Sudbury, who now lives in Waterloo, was seen on TV with a fully painted face, a mohawk in the shape of the Stanley Cup, and an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

People… Well, people lost their minds over it.

So much so, that the Leafs have invited him to Game 3:

And Game 4? Well, he’ll be attending that game as aĀ guest of John Derringer.

Here are the 19 best photoshops of #DartGuy that we could find:

The Leafs, and #DartGuy, face the Capitals tonight at 7 pm ET.

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