Reminder: Washington's "No Mask, No Service" begins today

Jul 7 2020, 12:23 pm

Starting on Tuesday, Washington’s “No Mask, No Service” directive takes place. Businesses across the state are now required to turn people away if they refuse to don face coverings.

If a customer or visitor is not wearing a face covering, Washington’s government is suggesting that businesses keep a supply of disposable masks to offer to customers who don’t have one or offer curbside pickup to the customer. They should also educate the visitor about the public health requirement to wear a face mask or covering.

If the individual declines to wear a mask or face covering, the “business representative or employee should politely inquire as to whether the person has a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask. Businesses cannot inquire about the details about a person’s specific medical condition or disability and cannot ask for proof or documentation.”

Individuals with certain health or medical issues and children under the age of two are exempt from the requirement.

“Wearing a face covering can help prevent the spread of infection to others by blocking infectious droplets from spreading when someone with the infection coughs, sneezes, and speaks. Individuals can be infected and contagious before or even without developing symptoms,” the City of Seattlesaid in a release.

According to the CDC, masks should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face, be secured with ties or ear loops, include multiple layers of fabric, allow for breathing without restriction, and be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to its shape.

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