Sling your skis into an Uber this winter

Dec 12 2019, 5:03 pm

With news of snow making its way to the mountains this week, skiers and boarders can’t wait to get a taste of the fresh powder. This year, Uber is hoping to get more bodies onto the mountains, faster.

Uber Ski, a feature of Uber that in previous years was only offered to select cities, is finally making its way to Seattle. As early as December 17, users can expect to see an Uber Ski icon when opening the app.

The Uber Ski option has been added to 23 US cities that are located in areas near mountain resorts. These cities include:

  • Anchorage
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Boston
  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, Colorado
  • The Colorado Rockies
  • Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Eastern Washington
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • The Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • New Hampshire
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Portland, Maine
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle
  • Upstate New York
  • Vermont
  • Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Wyoming.

Uber ensures that this service is a fast and practical way of getting onto and off of the mountains, allowing riders to easily request a certified vehicle with a ski rack, truck bed, or adequate trunk space for their winter gear. All drivers will need to provide photo evidence that their cars are equipped to handle cold and icy conditions.

The cost of the trips will remain the same as UberX fares, with an additional $8 surcharge added for each completed Uber Ski trip.

Alyssa TherrienAlyssa Therrien

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